How to submit Physical Media?


When submitting Physical Media please remember the following:

  • Accepted media are: 3592s JY/JC and USBs (If data covers multiple tapes/disks, please try to ensure they are at or near full capacity)
  • Also handle CD's, DVD's and LTO 2,3 and 4. 
  • Details of the Shipper, including full contact information
  • Details of the Member company submitting the data
  • Detailed packing/contents list against which items can be cross referenced, including survey names

Please send Physical Media Items, with above information, to:

EVRY, Maskinveien 15, 4033 Stavanger

Attn: Thorbjørn Hansen |

Tel: (+47) 900 67 315


If delivering by Posten: Please use the PostBox address:

EVRY, PB 305, Forus, 4066 Stavanger

Attn: Thorbjørn Hansen |

Tel: (+47) 900 67 315